“We must appreciate that time is more than a concept that needs to be scientifically and philosophically explored. There is always an implicit (if not explicit) assumption regarding time behind almost every theory concerning the nature of human existence. Each field, approach or statement needs to rest against a temporal background; each uttered sentence assumes a temporal frame. It is as if time is the barometer for every human expression.”

Time and Timelessness: Temporality in the Theory of Carl Jung

(Yiassemides, Routledge 2014)

Speakers presentations program
All speakers are analytical psychologists in private practice in Europe (UK, Italy, Malta and Cyprus), who are also active researchers and writers in the field. They come from diverse backgrounds and interests, ranging from technology and movie making, to quantum mechanics, imaginative practices, literature, movement, theater. From their diverse viewpoints they will explore time in the psyche. Join us in a day-long exploration of the temporal directionality and dimensionality of time in the psyche; time’s flow and ‘break’ in analysis; synchronicity’s manifestations and implications in the consulting room; historical time’s implications in therapy; moving images’ perspectives of the temporal experience and reality; dreams and imaginative practices’ enhancement of the reality of time in the psyche. Time in the psyche is not static: it is an ever-changing flow within. With temporality as a vessel, we will journey through diverse areas of analytical psychology, so to explore this elusive yet essential topic. Theory and presentation of clinical material will be accompanied and enhanced with moving images, and our own bodies moving in time and space.

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Time and Timelessness